New season, new inspiration, and new possibilities. Once you’ve launched your first collection, it is time to start thinking of the upcoming one. With the feedback you have received and with the stats you have collected from the previous collection, you’ve got a good restarting point.


Expand the collection

Do you expand your collection? What type of styles should you add? Should you add a new segment? Since you are a new player on the market you would want to set your tone and have the customers and retailers get accustomed with your brand and your style. When that is done, you can expand. To add on segments when you are new might not be a good idea, but hey, it’s your brand and you do whatever you feel is best for you. If you have backers and a lot of money you can introduce anything to the market, with a big bang.


Listen to feedback

With the reaction on your collection you roughly know what will be a success and what will not be so great. Listening to your retailers and customers is very important for your future collections, they almost help you in the right direction. But then of course, if you listen too much to the retailers that always look in the rear mirror, you will never innovate and move forward. It’s your brand and know what you want, so think about this at all times before saying yes to all retailers wishes.


New collection

A good idea is to never start from scratch with a collection. You have styles that are selling well and those you want to continue with. ”Bad” styles you can drop, but if you really really believe in a stye you can have it carry over to the next season to let the customers get accustomed to it. Some styles do actually need a season or two to warm up, before flying off in sales figures. When introducing new styles you need to ask yourself how much time you have to design and produce new styles. Try to have some carry over styles and some new. When you will have a couple of seasons under your belt you can have a 3rd carry overs, a 3rd updated styles and a 3rd completely new styles.


Collection structure

It’s also a good idea to have a pyramid structure in your collection. Some iconic pieces that drive curiosity and the innovation in your brand, some styles that are pushing it but are a bit more in the middle, and then the pieces where you will have your volumes and the most sales.

The most important of all, is that you are happy and proud of what you put out there. Sometimes it takes a while for other people to get it but that’s fine. You love it, and that’s what counts!