Sportswear Inc.’s Tech Pack Templates

The tech pack is the most important document in your product development process. It is needed in all areas of bringing your brand to the market. The patterns are made based on the tech pack, the sourcing is done depending on what materials and trims you want and the price calculation is based on the sketch of your garment. The sketches can later be used in your line sheet and workbook.

A tech packs is required for all styles in your collection. One garment = one tech pack

For more information about tech packs, read WHAT IS A TECH PACK, WHY DO YOU NEED IT, AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT?

Here are 8 different tech pack templates. You can get them one and one, bundled in packages of two, or bundled all together.

Each package contains one men’s tech pack and one women’s tech pack. They describe different hoodie, softshell, tights, and tee styles and each contains 6 pages for you to modify into your own style. Add your own information. In Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format.