Our mastermind group is carefully designed to bring together individuals whose brand trajectory is at a similar level and pace. Group members support, encourage and participate during group calls and in our private forum. Members are selected for diversity in the industry, personality and strengths.

Belonging and community is vital in our groups.

Why you should join our mastermind:

  • Push yourself to work to your highest potential
  • Get accountability partners
  • Tap into quality knowledge and experience. Everybody shares their stories and learnings.
  • You will never have to feel alone while running your business. The team members will advise each other
  • Expand your network
  • You and your business will grow
  • Get a Master Mind! There is a saying: You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself  with.
  • Get feedback. The group will tell you constructively what’s right or wrong with your ideas.
  • Support. There are ups and down in every business. The group will be there for each other, because they understand how hard it is to run a business.


  • Follow our Step By Step Guide. We take you through the process, step by step, of starting & running a sportswear brand.
  • We show you a Time Schedule for how you can start up your sportswear brand in 30 weeks.
  • Find a supplier in our Database with 300+ Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Get access to Member-Only Content
  • Tech Packs, Cheat Sheets, Checklists & Templates to get hands on with your business.
  • Join the supported Sportswear Inc. Community Forum. Connect with us and your peers around the globe.
  • Tool Box

Speaking Events

We are available for speaking engagements worldwide. Tell us a little bit about your event and a team member will get back to you to see how we can help.

Presentation topics:

  • Sportswear Brand Startup: Startup, design & product development and positioning
  • Entrepreneurship: design a business based on your values
  • Motivation: In life and work
  • Lifestyle – live the authentic life you want
  • Work with your life partner
  • Work and life balance


Get free and premium templates to fast-track your business.

  • Line Sheet Template
  • Label & Hangtag Template
  • Product Price Matrix
  • Male Croquis Template
  • Female Croquis Template
  • Men’s Tee Tech Pack Template
  • Women’s Tee Tech Pack Template
  • Men’s Hoodie Tech Pack Template
  • Women’s Hoodie Tech Pack Template
  • Men’s Softshell Tech Pack Template
  • Women’s Softshell Tech Pack Template
  • Men’s Tights Tech Pack Template
  • Women’s Tights Tech Pack Template
  • Order Form
  • Costing Sheet
  • Expenses / Budget / Cashflow Template
  • Business Plan Template
  • Business Start-Up Checklist
  • Manufacturing Checklist
  • Bootstrapping List