Sportswear Inc. Costing Sheet Template

As an apparel entrepreneur you need to be on top of your financials and already from the start keep track of your costs. For you to get the overall economic picture of your business you need to know the cost of producing each garment.

To help you keep track of all costs associated with producing each style you use a costing sheet. Here you note down the costs of all components in the garment and finally you calculate the retail price of the garment. Adopt the habit of filling out a costing sheet for each item already from the start. It will be a vital tool to run your business financially.

You can download a pre-made costing sheet template here from Sportswear Inc. The template allows you to fill in the quantity and cost for each sub-item and automatically sum up the costs. It also calculates the wholesale and recommended retail prices. It is made in Excel format and can easily be adjusted to the items needed in your garment.

Sportswear Inc. Costing Sheet Template


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